The main scope our business is construction activity and engineering activity. We mainly operate in the Lipno and Šumava region, but you can also find our buildings in places like Český Krumlov and Český Budějovice.

Construction activity – building construction, their alterations and demolition is the main content of and focal point of the company’s work and this field remains the content of the company’s work since it was established.

Engineering activity in the construction industry came about as the natural consequence of the need to create the complex system of services for the customer.

Engineering activity for the construction company particularly involves all the needs and services for the main content of activity which is the processing of price quotations for assigning construction work, handling all related documentation such as area management, construction management and supervision of contracts; also projection of the project engineer’s  supervision of the work, settling the zoning and planning decision and permit for use (certificate of practical completion)) for individual constructions.

POstavPO – that is your construction from A to Z – high quality and problem-free.

Our new activity is the Customer Care Centre – details of this new activity are found in our offer.

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