We have decided to provide care for our company’s important customers in future. So we are preparing to set up the "Important Customer Care Centre”. The complex services that we want to provide to our important customers within this centre are those that annoy, waste your time and sometimes even cause problems and strain your nerves.
What services we want to offer you:

  1. guarantee and post-guarantee service on your completed building,
  2. insurance, electric metering equipment, records at the Cadastral Office, descriptive number and so on to your completed building,
  3. implementing your new ideas ( garden, interior, fencing, pergola, swimming pool etc.),
  4. general maintenance, i.e. for example roof inspection, cleaning gutters and pipes, painting, coatings etc.,
  5. settling insurance events, their reports, settling claims
  6. cleaning your house on a regular or one-off basis, cleaning after paintwork and so on.,
  7. garden maintenance – one-off or regular,
  8. reviews and necessary operation documents - lightning conductors, chimneys, water, electricity and so on..,
  9. other so far not more closely specified services.

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